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Sizing Up the Big Sale

By Rick Edmunds Unless I'm missing something, Angelo, Gordon & Co. and fellow distressed asset specialists had an ace up their sleeve in Wednesday's (April 28) auction for Philadelphia Media Holdings. As they upped the bid to win the bankruptcy... (Comments)

Casino Fracas Royale

The state board that oversees casino gambling is running out of patience with the owners of the would-be Foxwoods Casino in South Philadelphia. On Thursday (April 29), the board began the process of revoking the license of the Foxwood investor... (Comments)

Reaction to Inquirer/DN Sale

This is a video making the rounds post-Inquirer/Daily News sale. It shows that the papers had fans even in the bunker.  The maker is    ... (Comments)

Exit Brian Tierney

Th Inquirer and Daily News have new owners.  At a bankruptcy auction held Wednesday (April 28), a group headed by two New York hedge funds emerged as the winning bidder, edging out a local group headed by Brian Tierney. The... (Comments)

D-Day at the White Tower

Today is D-Day for the Inquirer and Daily News. The bankrupt company that owns the papers is up for auction in New York with three qualified bidders seeking ownership: a consortium of local bidders that includes members of the current... (Comments)

Blue State, Bluer State

Tom Infield has an interesting piece in Monday's (April 26) Inquirer about shifting voter loyalty in Pennsylvania.  To summarize, the state is becoming more and more Democratic, at least in terms of registration. The trend is most evident in Philadelphia and... (Comments)

Going With Her Gut

By Rachel Levy Lesser Usually, I don't make New Year's resolutions, but this year I have made an exception to my rule.  I have one resolution and I plan to stick to it:  I resolve to go with my gut... (Comments)

Grab a Coke

And drink up.  The Inquirer Sunday (April 25) pronounced Mayor Nutter's proposed sugary-drink tax DOA.  There isn't support in Council for the tax, according to the report, and industry and Teamster lobbying against the tax has done its magic.  Meanwhile, remember... (Comments)

The Case Against Sestak

By G. Terry Madonna & Michael L. Young According to sage Yogi Berra, "it's tough to make predictions, especially about the future." Nevertheless, we made one about a year ago in appraising incumbent Congressman Joe Sestak's primary race against born-again... (Comments)

Sestak: We Need a Hero

Joe Sestak's first ad of the campaign season is up and running.  It is a 60-second affair -- long by TV standards -- that combines a Sestak biography with a pitch for health care reform.  It includes a large number... (Comments)

Specter: No Show Joe

The axiom in politics is that you try to define your opponent before he gets to define himself.  Arlen Specter began that process today (April 21) by going up with ads critical of Joe Sestak, his opponent in the May... (Comments)

Sestak Airs TV Ads

The political class has been waiting for Joe Sestak to start spending the $5 million he has in his campaign fund on a television ad blitz and he is about to oblige them. reports that Sestak plans to go... (Comments)

Red Inky

It's hard to write about your boss, so Chris Hepp deserves credit for the piece he did Sunday (April 18) about the impending auction of the Inquirer and Daily News. The papers are in bankruptcy and the article lays out the... (Comments)

The Flickring of Philadelphia

By Elise Vider If you go to Flickr, the online photo sharing site, and search for "Philadelphia," here is what comes up among the 1,381,401 results: myriad picture-postcard views of the skyline, the Ben Franklin Bridge and the Schuylkill River.... (Comments)

Day Dreaming

 By Tom Ferrick Jr. This may come as a surprise to some, but we are going to have to elect a new governor this year. Despite his druthers, Ed Rendell must step down. The state Constitution only allows the governor... (Comments)

The Flickring of Philadelphia: Chris Woods

By Elise Vider Chris Woods aims - focuses and shoots - to please. An unabashed Philadelphia booster and self-described photography addict, Woods' mission on Flickr is to show off his native city to anyone who may doubt the beauty of... (Comments)

The Flickring of Philly: Fen Branklin

By Elise Vider Fen Branklin, like his near-namesake, is a man with a wide range of interests, an eye for beauty, a sense of humor and an affection for Philadelphia. Fen's alter ego is Jeremy Burger, 35, a prolific poster... (Comments)

Gambling Pays

Gov. Rendell, the father of casino gambling in Pennsylvania, is proud of his love child.  Rendell told reporters Thursday (April 15) that casinos brought in $770 million in revenue to the state this year -- most of which was funneled... (Comments)

Did Too, Did Not

Rick Santorum continues to mix it up with his former friend and colleague Arlen Specter.  At a conservative conference on Saturday, the Santorum said that he endorsed Specter in 2004 in exchange for a promise that Specter would vote for... (Comments)

The Flickring of Philly: Al Stegeman

By Elise Vider Other photographers on Flickr may dwell on the physical beauty of Philadelphia's picturesque architecture and scenery, but Al Stegeman is drawn to the gritty allure of the people who populate the buildings and streets. Part photo-journalist, part... (Comments)

Still in a Slump

Economic recovery? What economic recovery?  Pennsylvania is still suffering from the effects of the recession, if you take state tax collections as a barometer.  The Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Committee reports that collections are down $720 million this year from official... (Comments)

Toomey-Sestak Face Off

Arlen Specter is staying away from debates with his Democratic primary opponent, Joe Sestak, but Republican Pat Toomey is more than willing to face off against the Delaware County congressman.  The two appeared at a debate Sunday (April 11) at... (Comments)

Gerrymandering 101

By Aaron Kase Sea creatures make apt images for depicting heavily gerrymandered political districts. Take the Inquirer's description of the late John Murtha's 12th Congressional District as a "a crustacean spread over parts of nine counties " and "a mutant,... (Comments)

Barking Up A New Tree

By Katie O. Clark» If you asked me, I could tell you the name of every dog within a three-block radius, its breed (or a close guess), its temperament and a thing or two about the owner. Tasha: Rottweiler, very mean and barky. Owner is friendly but slightly bug-eyed and can be found yelling "Shut up!" in response to every bark. Lucy: Boston Terrier, escape artist and yappy. Owner is somewhat grumpy, feigns interest in your existence, refuses to keep dog on leash. Chloe: Black Lab, sweet and dopey. Owner is friendly, charming woman who is age 45 but looks 30, great complexion. Rottweiler and Pitt Bull combo around the corner, avoid at all costs! I've lived in Port Richmond for six years but only obtained this valuable information about my neighbors in the last six months, after adopting our Rottweiler/German (Comments)

The Frankford Story: In a Free Fall

By Mike Newall  Kevin the Postman was working the mail route along Frankford Avenue the other afternoon. It was a cold, gray day. Dirty scraps of paper blew down the dirty avenue. This particular mail route is not that challenging... (Comments)

More Charter Control

Senate leaders are promising legislation to remove the hanky from the panky when it comes to charter schools.  After recent revelations of misdeeds and certainly bad judgement (running a social club that serves liquor during the evening hours at one school),... (Comments)

The Frankford Story II: Crime & Drugs

By Mike Newall   Philadelphia police Capt. Francis Bachmayer has worked some busy districts in his career. He was a Lieutenant in the North Philly Badlands in the late 90's, when it was averaging nearly 50 bodies a year.... (Comments)

The Frankford Story III: The New Flophouses

By Mike Newall   The pastor was calling state Rep. Tony Payton's office with big plans to convert a cavernous, shuttered nightclub at the corner of Orthodox and Margaret Streets, just one block from a Frankford El train station,... (Comments)

River Front Shocker

The on-again, off-again Foxwoods Casino is off again.  Just a few weeks after Las Vegas casino mogul Steve Wynn emerged as the guy to build and run the casino on the Delaware River front, he suddenly withdrew from the project... (Comments)

The Frankford Story IV: Hoping for Revival

By Mike Newall Frankford is hurting, but not hopeless. There is hope for development, but the question is when. Will it begin before Frankford hits bottom and it's time to roll in the bulldozers? The neighborhood cannot survive another... (Comments)

Tax Board Free For All

The Board of Revision of Taxes will not go gently into that good night.  This week, the board, which oversees real estate assessments in the city, challenged Mayor Nutter's bid to have City Hall take over most of its duties... (Comments)

I-80 Smackdown

The feds have rejected the state's plan to make Interstate 80 a toll road, blowing a $470 million hole in the budget for transportation projects.  The ruling Tuesday (April 7) will impact on road and bridge projects across the state,... (Comments)

Profile of the Admiral

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette offers up an interesting profile of U.S. Rep. Joe Sestak, the Delaware County congressman running against Arlene Specter for the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate.  It also answers the question: What has Sestak been up to recently?... (Comments)

The Lazarus Candidate

By G. Terry Madonna & Michael L. Young Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum, once the U.S. Senate's resident enfant terrible, and more recently think tank habitué and op-ed columnist, is making news again. He's logging highly publicized trips to early... (Comments)

Decriminalizing Weed

In a bid to unclog the courts, the District Attorney's office is considering decriminalizing possession of under 30 grams of marijuana, the Inquirer reports today (April 5). The new policy would change possession of a small amount of weed to... (Comments)

The Dismissal Dilemma

 By Tom Ferrick Jr. When John Timoney became police commissioner in March, 1998, he delivered a shot of adrenalin to the Philadelphia police department. Timoney - an ex-New York City street cop - was a believer in using modern tools... (Comments)

Seeing Red

The Phillies open their season today (April 5) with a game against the Nationals in Washington. To honor the occassion, we offer this crowd-sourced Flickr photo essay titled "Seeing Red." (Comments)

Horrors! A Full Work Day

The state Supreme Court has handed down "tough new rules" governing the handling of cases in Philadelphia's Municipal Court, the Inquirer reports today (April 4).  One is a requirement that judges work a full day. Under the current system, all the... (Comments)

Good News/Bad News

There was good news about the economy in the headlines today (April 3), with the nation's payrolls expanding by 162,000 jobs in March and the national unemployment rate at 9.7 percent.  But, we're still waiting for a dose of good... (Comments)

Quarter Sessions Makeover

The Clerk of Quarter Sessions office will soon be no more. The functions and the agency's 110 worker are being absorbed into the court system, which will begin to handle its duties, which includes keeping records for the courts, collecting... (Comments)

Drum Roll, Please

The candidates for governor of Pennsylvania have come out against corruption. In fact, they are very much against it in nearly every shape and form and want everyone to know it.  That is the revelation from the latest joint-appearance of... (Comments)

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