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Campaign 2010: The Commercials

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Updated May 15

Another Anthony Williams negative ad aimed at Dan Onorato.






Updated May 13

A new Joe Sestak ad, this one comparing his record among various groups with Arlen Specter's.





Updated May 12

A new Dan Onorato ad -- a "closer" that features voter testimony on behalf of the Democratic candidate for governor.




Updated May 11 10 p.m.

A new Tony Williams negative ad aimed at Dan Onorato. Nicely done.

Updated May 11 6 P.M.

Another Specter ad -- this one features President Obama and mentions recent editorial endorsements.  



Updated May 11  7 A.M.

Here is the latest Arlen Specter ad "Work to Be Done," an Arlen faces the camera and talks like a Democrat whilst overlooking Pittsburgh.  Note the logo: Democrat for Pennsylvania.

Specter has a similar ad with Philadelphia in the background so the ads obviously are tailored to the TV markets.


Updated May 10.

Here is the new Sestak negative on Specter.  It is called "The Switch" very effective.  It has all the symbols sure to make Democrats blood boil: George Bush, Rick Santorum, Sarah Palin. 

Other Commercials currently being aired by stateswide candidates

Joe Sestak

This is the Sestak biog piece but it really is two commercials in one. The first part establishes his creds as a military man, the second part repeats the oft-told tale of his daughter and he talks about health care. Was this filmed before the health care bill passed?


 Arlen Specter

Message: Arlen Specter is a DEMOCRAT.  Get that, a DEMOCRAT


Arlen Specter IIMessage: And he's a good guy. If I weren't Canadian, I would vote for Arlen Specter.


 Dan OnaratoThe The basic Onarato biog piece. Question: Where the heck is Allegheny County?


 Dan Onarato IIMessage: He's a reformer.

Anthony Hardy Williams


The basic biog piece for the Williams campaign. 

Anthony Hardy Williams II


Not a bad piece, until you realize he's been in Harrisburg for years. An insider running as an outsider. Read: Campaign 2010: The Race for Governor
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