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Do You Speak Construction?

By Dawn Fallik» I'm sitting in my house cringing, as two guys are outside screaming at each other about the crappy wash they were given to clean the front of my house.  They're saying that it's going to be streaky.  I didn't just... (Comments)

Say It Ain't So, Sam

It's been the worst-kept political secret in Philadelphia and now it is out in public.  As the Inquirer reported this weekend, Sam Katz is considering running for mayor against Michael Nutter in 2011 as a Democrat and at the urging... (Comments)

From Dawn to Dusk

By Shasie Ayoub» I usually sleep until 7 a.m., but these days I set the alarm for one hour before sunrise so I have time to eat and drink my coffee. Regardless of whether or not I've eaten breakfast, I try not to... (Comments)

Confessions of a Techno Dolt

By Tamara Kells» As a mom of three teens, I've relied upon them for most of my computer explaining needs.  I often call them my personal "Video Professors".  However, they are no longer amused, and have decided to throw me to the proverbial... (Comments)

Truly a Blue State

The latest Franklin & Marshall Poll confirms everything you've heard from friends and family about how things are going. In a word, lousy. The poll, released Thursday (Aug. 26) shows that only 30 percent think the state is on the... (Comments)

Taps for Greene?

It may be time to play taps for Carl Greene's career at the Philadelphia Housing Authority. The embattled PHA director has already had to do a mea culpa for ending up with a big tax lien on his home. "I... (Comments)

E Pluribus Unum? Yes

By Seth Steinbacher»  Being unemployed in Philadelphia has its advantages.  For one, I can visit our many tourist destination sites on weekdays, thus avoiding the crush of culture-seeking humanity that packs these places on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.  Better still, admission usually... (Comments)

E Pluribus Unum? Nah.

The dispute known in the media as The Mosque at Ground Zero bubbled up while I was on vacation and, coincidentally, reading a book about the religious wars of an earlier era in American history. It was an odd experience:... (Comments)

A Taxing Situation

Much to their distress, Pennsylvania legislators will be back in Harrisburg today (Aug. 23) to hear Gov. Rendell pitch them on increasing the gas tax and motor license fees.  Rendell is trying to fix a $431-million hole blown into the... (Comments)

The 13th District

Crime is down in Philadelphia, but rising in many inner-ring suburbs. In Upper Darby Township, veteran policeman Michael Chitwood is working to stem the tide of crime seeping from the city. Mike Mallowe profiles Chitwood and his efforts in this two-part special report. (Comments)

Mad for Marijuana

By G. Terry Madonna and Berwood Yost On August 3, a coalition of mostly liberal activists initiated a national campaign to legalize marijuana using the slogan, "Just Say Now." The first test case occurs this fall in the likeliest of... (Comments)

The 13th District: Part II

When Mike Chitwood arrived in Upper Darby in 2005, he knew what he had to do: go after drug and drug-related crime. It was the cause of many of the township's troubles and he knew he had to get aggressive. In the second part of his profile, Mike Mallowe tells how Chitwood did it. (Comments)

Forever Young

By Phyllis Mass» Forget Botox. If you want to look younger and feel sexier head on over to the nearest assisted-living facility or nursing home to hang with the staff and residents. I know this works because each time I visited my... (Comments)

The Word of the Day

is REFORM.  The Delaware River Port Authority, hammered within and without for its spending and other shenanigans, has decided to reform itself.  No more nepotism. No more political hiring.  No more non-bid contracts.  The bi-state authority, which oversees operation of... (Comments)

Paging Mr. Greene

The head of the Philadelphia Housing Authority has gone missing.  The staff and the board of the PHA have been unable to contact Carl R. Greene, executive director of the agency, since last week, after it was disclosed that Greene's... (Comments)

Squid Vicious

By Gerry Christopher Johnson» Weighing in at 145 pounds with a cell phone in my pocket and pomade in my hair, I am not the most likely candidate for a food obsession worthy of an A&E intervention. No one would guess that when... (Comments)

Johnny Doc Redux

He's baaack.  So reads the opener of a Daily News profile of John Dougherty, leader of Local 98 of the electricians union, who has emerged from two years of (relative) silence and has begun to make waves by getting involved... (Comments)

The Same Old Game

By Tom Ferrick Jr. An old City Editor of mine once opined that there are no new stories, only new reporters. I thought of that adage in reading the piece in the Sunday (Aug. 15) Inquirer about the staffing... (Comments)

The First Date

By Maura Shenker There are lots of things more fun than a first climbing over a barbed wire fence naked.  But if I had to spend another Saturday night alone cleaning my kitchen, I was going to stick... (Comments)

About That $250 Million

Gov. Rendell is scheduled to meet today (Aug. 11) with legislative leaders to discuss (yet another) hole in the state's $28 billion budget.  This one -- which totals $250 million -- was caused by a shortfall in federal funding for... (Comments)

Urban Oasis Building 101

By Louisa Alexander Years before buying my first home in West Philly, I longed for a real garden.  I admired lush front yards filled with flowers and imagined tending a leafy urban oasis of my very own. When home... (Comments)

Johnny the Reformer

The Delaware River Port Authority, always a source of merriment for its profligate ways, is in the news again.  John Dougherty, head of the local electricians union, has been hammering away at the DRPA leadership for some of its spending... (Comments)

Life After Harry the K

By Jacob Lambert When Phillies announcer Harry Kalas died in April 2009, it seemed that the team, its fans, and its city would never recover.  "We lost our voice today," Phillies president David Montgomery famously said. It was a voice,... (Comments)

Gas Taxes Going Up?

What can a lame duck do when his term is nearing an end? Go on tour.  Gov. Rendell is making a sweep of the state to drum up support for an increase in the state's gasoline tax and motor licensing... (Comments)

Dumb & Dumber

By G. Terry Madonna & Michael L. Young Somebody needs to check Pennsylvania's water supply. Perhaps it's something those guys are drinking -- or maybe smoking-- that explains the faux pas outbreak spreading in the Keystone State. Either way,... (Comments)

The Sidewalk Tango

By Phyllis Mass "Texters have the right of way," Mr. Oblivious Texter yelled, after I made the conscious decision not to avoid the collision course we were on. "And that would be why?" I asked. "Because we can't see... (Comments)

A Little Street Music

 By Elise Vider Next time you rush past a street musician, consider the overhead. Time was, all that was necessary was a musical instrument - or just a good pair of lungs - and a tin cup. Today, your... (Comments)

Street Music: A Busker's Tale

Jim Costello began gave up a career in law to become a street musician. Read about one man's journey to becoming a busker. By Elise Vider (Comments)

Street Music: The Underground Duo

By Elise Vider Down in Suburban Station, where the temperatures are cool and the acoustics are good, Austin Lightfoot and Adam Bassal are providing musical accompaniment to the morning rush hour with a fast-paced violin duet. Business is only so-so;... (Comments)

Feds to the Rescue

It looks as if Pennsylvania won't have a $850 million hole in its budget after all.  The U.S. Senate passed a bill Wednesday (August 4) to provide an additional $26 billion in federal stimulus aid to the states.  The bill... (Comments)

Nutter Kicks Drop

Mayor Nutter wants City Council to abolish the DROP program for city employees.  The reason? It costs the city money -- an estimated $258 million over the last 10 years, according to a report issued Tuesday (Aug. 3) by Boston College... (Comments)

Military Push in Schools

By Jo Ann Zimmerman Uncle Sam wants your children--and thanks to our public schools, he knows how to find them. A little-known provision of President George Bush's No Child Left Behind legislation requires all public schools, along with private schools... (Comments)

Bicycle City

In case you ever wondered exactly how many bicycles are out in downtown Philadelphia at rush hour, the Center City District has an answer.  The CCD sent out folks to count bike traffic on the northbound lanes as they crossed Spruce... (Comments)

Happiness is a Warm Gun

By: Roz Warren Buying a handgun in Maine is as easy as buying a cheeseburger. Years ago, when I was living in Bangor, I was swimming laps at the YMCA and I took a break to chat with a cute... (Comments)

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