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Life Between the Covers

By Marnie Quinlan» There is a placard in my local library which bears a quote by Jorge Luis Borges. It reads "I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library". When I first strolled past these words on my way... (Comments)

The Big Question

I was sure someone would do something to rev up turnout in Philadelphia on Tuesday, but I never imaged it would be Tom Corbett. Corbett, the Republican candidate for governor, got into hot water last week by saying he hoped... (Comments)

Weekly News Q & A

All politics, all the time.Question: Doesn't this guy look like a nice, reasonable man?  Answer.Question: Compared to this guy, who looks dangerous, shady, maybe even criminal, don't you think?  Answer.Question: I wonder if we should let Belle decide: nice guy... (Comments)

Welcome to Philadelphia, Emma

By Emma Futhey» Four weeks into my time here, I've discovered that Philadelphia is not for the faint of heart. I come from State College, the home of Penn State University. I thought that living my whole life up-to-now at the largest... (Comments)

Spin Time

These are quotes you are likely to hear this time of year -- from campaign managers, candidates, media consultants, etc. -- that are pure spin.  Fortunately, using my patented Spin Translator (coming soon to Google), I can translate them for you.I offer... (Comments)

Coming Home to a Surprise

By Paul Kemp» It was the end of a mid-week workday when I came home to my little Center City condo, the first home-owning experience for my wife, Liz, and I.  I got home from work before she did, keyed in through the... (Comments)

Memo to the League October 276 A.D.

 To: All League Officials From: Gaius Tiberius Germanicus, Consul for Player Safety Subject: Excessive Violence Ave Collegae! Reports have reached us in Rome of incidents of excessive violence in recent games. The league has decided disciplinary steps must be taken. ... (Comments)

Meet the New Governor: Tom Corbett

By James O'Toole Tom Corbett's ascent to the Republican nomination followed thehierarchical culture of his party. In Pennsylvania, the GOP is traditionallya more disciplined force than the unruly Democrats with whom they've tradedcontrol of the governors' mansion every eight years... (Comments)

The Big Challenge: A $4 Billion Deficit

As governor, Tom Corbett will have to deal with a budget deficit estimated at between $4 billion and $5 billion. In this Campaign 2010 piece, Senior Editor Tom Ferrick explains the realities of the state budget -- realities that make it impossible to cut without it having a ripple effect on people and programs and local governments across the state. (Comments)

Weekly News Q & A

All Video Version   Question: Can you fill in the the blank? Tom Corbett is a _________. Answer Question: Can you name one distinguishing feature of Dan Onorato?   Answer Question: Can you fill in the blank?  There's left, there's far left... (Comments)

Waiting for the Storm

As you may know, I am a budding playwright and my favorite genre is Theater of the Absurd, ala Samuel Beckett and Waiting for Godot. Since you asked, I will give you a brief synopsis of my latest play.  I... (Comments)

Repeat After Me: Tights Are Not Pants

By Lauren Hall» There's a delicious chill in the air these days, heralding crunchy leaves and football games and steaming mugs of cider served around a bonfire.  Across University City, students are lingering between classes, bundled in hoodies and scarves, giddy about the... (Comments)

Bad Contract, Bad Vibes

 You may have missed the news about the new contract awarded to Philadelphia's fire fighters by an arbitrator last week.  The ruling came down Friday and didn't hit the papers until Saturday. To summarize, it sucks. Not if you are... (Comments)

Memo to Ryan Howard: Pull Up Your Pants

By Patricia McLaughlin» Watching baseball players on TV, I'm just glad not to be any of their mothers. I'd always be stifling an impulse to tell them to pull up their pants, so their uncuffed hems aren't dragging in the dust of the... (Comments)


By Laurie Schroeder» "Look for the sign that says R7 Trenton. Don't stand on the wrong side of the platform. And be careful. There's always a lot of zombies in that part of the station." I am delivering this little lecture to my... (Comments)

Weekly News Q & A

Question: Do you thinks it possible that someday they will have more lawsuits than tenants? Answer Question: Why aren't we surprised?  Part 1. Answer Question: Why aren't we surprised?  Part 2. Answer Question: Who had 1,800 lovers and only killed... (Comments)

Our Greatest Asset

Here is a riddle: What surrounds us, but we cannot see it? (And it's not air.) I got to thinking about what it is when I posted a piece earlier this week about the revival in Philadelphia's fortunes -- for... (Comments)

Survivor: The Liana Carlan Story

I was born a month to the day late; in my opinion, for very good reason. In utero, I must have subconsciously sensed that these would be the last moments of peace and calm and normality that I would ever have. But I don't want to get ahead of myself. My name is Liana. I will be 33 years old this month (October), which makes me a Libra -- always trying to find balance, yet never thinking it's good enough when it happens. When I finally did emerge from the womb, I was deaf and had a gaping hole in my palate. I have had 32 surgeries in my 33 years of life. . (Comments)

Urban Revival

If you missed the late 1980s in Philadelphia consider yourself lucky. By the end of the decade, the city was suffering from the civic equivalent of clinical depression. Wilson Goode was mayor, though just barely. After the MOVE fiasco of... (Comments)

Survivor: Part Two

I remember vividly the day I was diagnosed with Stickler Syndrome. We were at Boston Children's Hospital. I was 12 years old and my parents and I sat across a big, shiny dark-brown desk from the doctor, who had already told my parents my fate in the hallway a few moments before. It was the first time I had ever seen my father look small. He sat at one end of the hallway on a bench, slumped over, with his head between his hands, crying. My mother, on the other hand, was stronger than I had ever seen her. She looked at me, walked over, and said, "We all need to talk." We went into the doctor's office, and they broke the news -- (Comments)

Survivor: Part Three

Freed from my wheelchair and determined to seize life for as long as I could, I roared into high school ready to try everything. You name it, I was involved: singing, instruments, drama, prom committee, visiting the elderly, environmental committee, open house committee, even the cheerleading squad. It was in high school that I embraced my individuality, and in the process, made many friends due to my outlook on life. The "episodes" still happened frequently, but they became less detrimental because of my growing support system. By this point, I was about 70 percent deaf, and severely myopic. My fragile back was getting worse, yet I still refused to wear the back brace. Maybe it was stubbornness or maybe vanity. (Comments)

About Those Boardwalk Baby Incubators

By Janet Golden» A lot of older Philadelphians who once vacationed in Atlantic City had a jolt of recognition when they saw the "Incubator Exhibit" on the opening episode of the television series "Boardwalk Empire." Other viewers may have been thinking: "Can that... (Comments)

Weekly News Q & A

Question: Two people you definitely don't want to invite to the same party?  Answer Question: Why don't we call him "Santorum without the snarl"? Answer Question: A new variation on the old Dear John letter? Answer Question: The state is broke.... (Comments)

Survivor: Part Four

Six months after my daughter was born, I got a phone call from Children's Hospital. Science has finally advanced to the stage where there was genetic test for Stickler Syndrome. Since I was among the first of many people diagnosed with the disease, would I be interested in being tested? I went and had the test done, pretty confident of the results. I had suffered from Stickler's since I was 12, when it was first diagnosed. Three months later, the results came back. They were negative. (Comments)

Who's on First, What's on Second

By Caitlyn Valentino» Growing up in central Jersey, I never had any allegiance to a baseball team.  Most of my friends who followed baseball were either Mets fans or Yankees fans, while I remained a neutral non-fan.  When I moved to Philadelphia... (Comments)

Wanted: The Perfect Bar

By Daniel Long» Looking for a 35-year-old white male, approximately six feet, around 200 pounds, pale skin, salt-and-pepper hair? Look no further than the Mecca that is where Seventh St, Carpenter St., and Passyunk Avenue meet. This particular 35 year old (me) lives... (Comments)

The Phillies Factor

It is the first week of October, the election is just one month away, and people are getting excited about the big races.Not the U.S. Senate and gubernatorial races. Those are distant thunder I am talking about the Phillies and... (Comments)

Weekly News Q & A

Question: Which candidate was a whiz at show-and-tell in school?  AnswerQuestion: What was the week's least surprising headline?  AnswerQuestion: Did you think the situation at PHA couldn't get worse? AnswerQuestion: Can you complete this sentence? The recession has impacted America... (Comments)

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