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These are quotes you are likely to hear this time of year -- from campaign managers, candidates, media consultants, etc. -- that are pure spin.  Fortunately, using my patented Spin Translator (coming soon to Google), I can translate them for you.
I offer the question, the quote and (in italics) the translation.

When asked about the latest poll results:Spin Logo.jpg
Quote: "We're right where we want to be at this point in the polls."
Translation: We're 15 points down and sinking fast!

When asked about the latest poll results II:
Quote: "The only poll that counts is the one on Election Day"
Translation: We're 20 points down and we don't have a prayer.

When asked why their opponent is on TV with ads and they are not:
Quote: "We are marshalling our resources for a final push on TV."
Translation: The stations demand cash up front and we haven't got any money.

When asked about the latest charge by an opponent:
Quote: "This is just another desperate attempt by my opponent to shift attention away from his failed campaign."
Translation: The charges are true.

When asked about another charge by an opponent:
Quote: "I won't dignify that with a response."
Translation: The charges are true and they must have documentation.

When asked why you haven't agreed to debate your opponent:
Quote: "We are anxious to debate and are negotiating the final details..."
Translation: ...which we intend to complete the day after the election.

When asked about your inability to raise any money:
Quote: "I am the people's candidate..."
Translation: I am the candidate of people without money.


When asked about plans to get out the vote on Election Day:

Quote: "The party organization and labor have promised to deliver the vote for us."

Translation: ...Which means we're in trouble.  These guys couldn't deliver a pizza.


When asked what they needed to win.

Quote: "We only need two or three things that need to go right, including turnout. 

Translation: Another item on the list is a miracle. 

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