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Rearranging Day

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By Brian McKenna

We call it Rearranging Day. It's like moving day without a moving truck.  It's a day you decide everything in your home needs to be somewhere else.  That desk would look so much better over in that corner.  The room would look nicer if the bed was parallel to the wall, not perpendicular to it.  What if the T.V. was higher?

My girlfriend and I rearrange our apartment about once every three months.  Why we do this, we don't know for certain.  Maybe we aren't the same people we were when we put the bed next to the window.  It could be that we've had a rough week and doing some physical labor helps lower our stress levels.  Perhaps it just gives us something to do when we're bored.

For whatever the reason, Rearranging Day is a fulfilling day.  You've accomplished something!  Now the room, the apartment, the house better fits your mood.  Now it fits your personality.  Your way of thinking.  You Moving Furniture.jpgcan now live the way you ought to live or work the way you ought to work.

Rearranging is a great thing.  I'll even go as far as to say that it is emotionally healthy.  We all know that our moods can change from day to day or even hour to hour.  Our moods affect the way we think and the way we think affects our personalities over time.  The way a person thinks today may not have been the way that person thought last month.  Any event, big or small, can change a thought or opinion.

Three months ago was Rearranging Day for my girlfriend and me.  We were sure our belongings had been arranged in the best possible way.  Today was another Rearranging Day.  Now, we are sure that our apartment is arranged better than it was previously.  Truth is, our apartment doesn't look better than it did.  It doesn't function better, either.  It simply fits our personalities for now.

Someone's mood starts on the inside, but others can sense that mood from the outside.  The way we think on the inside affects what we do on the outside.  This month I want my reading chair next to the window for natural light.  Maybe next month I'll want my reading chair next to the refrigerator for easy access to my girlfriend's ice cream.

I'm not an expert so my words are only opinion.  But I believe our minds have structure to them.  An architecture.  I imagine a mind as I would imagine a city.  It has streets, roads, highways, bridges, big buildings, small buildings, parks, etc.  Let's use Philadelphia as the example.  An overview picture of Philly taken today would look drastically different than one taken of Philly a decade ago.  In fact, some parts of Philly wouldn't be recognized as they were mere months ago.  This is due to the ebb and flow of city development.

Several adjacent buildings may be neglected for years, bringing down that area.  Afterwards, those buildings may be ripped down and a Target, a Lowes, and a Sonic are built.  Now this area not only looks different, it is used differently by different people.  Parts of our minds, like parts of a city, become rearranged.  They now serve different purposes.  They now have different needs.

Philadelphia is home to about 1.5 million people.  Its people change in mood and personality every day.  The city, therefore, changes every day.  That's a lot of change.  Philly is the product of our thoughts, our feelings, and our very imaginations.  It's something we as a community have to share.  So sometimes we like the changes that happen and other times we don't like the changes that happen.

Fortunately, we get to make any changes in our own homes.  And the great thing is, if we don't like it, we can always change it again.  So don't forget you can move the table to the other side of the room.  You can turn the dining room into the living room.  Those shutters don't have to be that ugly brown, anymore.

Whatever your reasons may be, give Rearranging Day a try.  Changes are most certainly happening on the inside, so make some changes on the outside.  Think of it as one more way to express yourself.  One more way to relieve stress.  One more way to stay busy on an otherwise boring day.  Try it and see.

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