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Ten Things You Need to Know Before Primary Day on Tuesday

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There are 140 candidates running in both parties in the May 17th primary election in Philadelphia, a hyper-crowded ballot that includes every office from Mayor to Traffic Court.  It is hard to sort out who is running, let alone judge bona fides and qualifications.  Metropolis can help.  Before you vote, here are 10 things you really need to know about some of the candidates.


No. 1

There is a candidate with criminal convictions. Click for details.


No. 2

Another candidate, another conviction. Click for details.


No. 3

The candidate for Traffic Court with the most overdue traffic tickets. Click to find out who.


No. 4

A candidate who owes taxes in two states. Click for the name.


No. 5

Three candidates who should sit down with their parents and tell them to pay their taxes. Click for details.


No. 6

Two party endorsed candidates for Common Pleas Court who are delinquent on their taxes and other payments. Click to find out who.


No. 7

The most common response given by candidates when asked why they were delinquent in paying their city taxes.  Click for the answer.


No. 8

The candidate who needs to settle up with the Probation Department, pronto.

Click for details.


No. 9

The candidate with the most unusual response to questions about his unpaid taxes and other debts. Click to find out.


No. 10

Next to the Revenue Department Real Estate Tax Division, the agency most stiffed by candidates is..... Click for the answer.



This report was compiled by Senior Editor Tom Ferrick Jr. using public and private databases.





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