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Lies, Damned Lies and...

  Mark Twain once observed that there are three kinds of lies:  lies, damned lies and statistics. Keep that saying in mind as the state investigation into tainted PSSA scores continues.  These are the standardized tests used to measure student... (Comments)

The Look in His Eyes

By Lynda C. Wharton » I can remember the first time I saw him. Well, maybe not. But, I can for sure remember the first time I looked into his eyes. They were beautiful, and you could see something special was there. Pure magic. The first time he really looked into mine, like he was peering into my soul. I knew right from square one that he was off limits. Look but don't touch. But you know how that goes. I guess rules are meant to be broken because somewhere between those gorgeous browns and that Latin tongue something inside me began to churn. (Comments)

My Life as a Soccer Mom

By O.K. Pham» Of all the titles I had imagined I would acquire in adulthood, "soccer mom" was not one of them. The American Heritage Dictionary defines the term as "an American mother living in the suburbs whose time is often spent transporting her children from one athletic activity or event to another". An unglamorous description to depict a rather tedious life. Surely, my role as a stay-at-home mother with four kids aged 14, 11, 10 and five involves more than just shuttling them all over town in our Suburu Tribeca (My husband refuses to buy or drive a minivan.) It involves much more. Aside from being the cook, the (Comments)

An Insidious Intent

  Pennsylvania's new Voter ID law is toxic legislation with an insidious intent.It is designed to rig the November election to favor Mitt Romney, the Republican candidate for President. That is not it's stated goal.  Originally, the requirement that voters... (Comments)

Take Names & Kick Ass

By Samantha Drake» My friend Jen has the kind of gumption I truly admire. She recently decided to try out for a Philadelphia roller derby team despite not knowing how to skate. So Jen put her mind to learning. She didn't make the team the first time around but she's optimistic that one day she will wear a team jersey with her own uber-cool roller derby name on the back. Would I have the guts to do that? Not in a million years, but it's fun to think about. Jen's enthusiasm reawoke daydreams of athletic success in my bookwormish soul. In school, I was usually the kid in the deep outfield, backfield, or far corners of the court with a long-suffering "I'd rather be reading" look on my face. Sports, especially team sports, weren't enjoyable for me - I was always the weakest link not matter how hard I tried. It wasn't so much bodily injury that I dreaded as certain humiliation from my basic lack of athletic skill. (Comments)

When Heroes Fall

  One of my favorite pieces of public art in Philadelphia is the equestrian statue of Ulysses S. Grant on Kelly Drive in Fairmount Park.  Thousands of cars pass it every day, but at such speeds that it's just a... (Comments)

A Day in the Life: Father Tom

Metropolis offers another story in our Day in the Life series, narrative about the daily life of special and ordinary people. In this installment, Mike Mallowe offers a portrait of the Rev. J. Thomas Heron, a Roman Catholic priest, who has served in the archdiocese for 34 years. It's a story that offers a a passionate defense of the work of priests and serves as an antidote to the lurid tales of sexual abuse and cover ups in the church. (Comments)

A Day in the Life: The Priest

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Run Lisa Run

By Lisa Z. Meritz» "On a scale of 1 to 10, how much does luck play a part in your life?" the CEO asked my 21-year-old daughter Rebecca. This was the only question asked in the final Skype interview for a job that Rebecca desperately wanted in Stockholm, Sweden. Without missing a beat, she answered, "Zero." "Bold, but different than what I would say," I thought. In essence, my view: Effort is critical, but luck can't be discounted. (Comments)

It's the Illuminati!

  Let's pretend  you own and operate a small dry cleaning store on the outskirts of Center City.  One day your business school nephew comes to you with a request:  For a marketing course, he is supposed to do a... (Comments)

The Tipping Point

By Roz Warren» Yesterday morning my car wouldn't start, so I phoned Triple A. Ten minutes later, an affable guy in a truck turned up to give my car a jump. As he worked on my battery, we chatted about the Phillies, Cory Booker, and the weather. When my car was running again, I thanked him. "Can I give you a little extra?" I asked, handing him a five. His face lit up. "Thanks!" he said. "I appreciate it." The jump was free. My membership dues covered it. He didn't expect a tip. But I got a kick out of giving him one. I like to tip. I'm not rich. I work in a public library. I drive a 10-year-old car. I'm frugal by nature. But giving somebody a generous tip always makes me feel like a million bucks. (Comments)

Deus ex Machina

You may have missed this because of the rush of news last week, but the Pennsylvania Legislature passed and Gov. Corbett signed a voucher bill for Catholic schools. Not that they called it that. Technically, they are scholarships -- up to... (Comments)

Mr. Nice Guy

Normal 0 0 1 1121 5158 90 28 7849 11.1539 0 0 0 In baseball, it is axiomatic that a tough-guy manager will be followed by a nice-guy manager and vice versus. For proof, just look at the last... (Comments)

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