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Arlen Specter 1930-2012

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The most surprising thing about Arlen Specter was that he died.

One on level it is not a surprise.  He was 82.  He suffered from a variety of serious maladies. He had been hospitalized about a month earlier.

When he went to the hospital, I got a call from a friend at the New Republic asking if I could do an appreciation of Specter.  I said sure but figured there was no hurry.  I started checking the clips and old stories I did on him.  I started to reread his autobiography Passion for Truth. Sure enough, he was released from the hospital after a short stay.

I figured: Arlen is so tough, so enduring, I am sure he will pull through this bout with illness, just as he had done before.

Obviously, I was wrong.  Specter died on Sunday of non-Hodgkins lymphoma.

Here is a link to my piece on him that the New Republic posted this morning.


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