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I have some good news for Metropolis readers. Tom Ferrick's Publius column will now be published weekly on


AxisPhilly is the new non-profit news and information site that grew out of the Philadelphia Public Interest Information Network, funded by the William Penn Foundation, an early supporter of Metropolis.


PPIIN supported the last six months of Metropolis and has been a big fan of its work, so it makes sense that we partner to keep alive the Metropolis spirit,(including reprinting some Metropolis articles and working with a few of its past contributors.


AxisPhilly is pleased to feature Tom's award-winning commentary that has rightfully earned him the moniker "the true voice of Philadelphia."


We know that our entire team's coverage of key public interest issues will be helped by his years of experience as a journalist in the city.


Look for Tom's column each Monday at


Best regards,


Neil Budde





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