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Angelo Foglietta

Angelo Foglietta has been in deep financial difficulties. In 2008, he owed $61,989 to the Internal Revenue Service for back taxes; another $4,009 to the state. Tax liens were put Foglietta.jpgon his Fitzwater Street residence in Bella Vista. He also had a variety of private creditors seeking payment.

In an interview, Foglietta said that he was in financial distress because of a divorce proceeding and dissolution of an old partnership, which date from 2005 and 2006.  He said he has paid down on all of his debts and satisfied many of them.

As he put it: "I started a new practice and the money did not come in the way we were expecting it at first.  I am dealing with everything. I do not want a hatchet piece that makes it look like I am a bad person....I am proud of my record and my accomplishments."

One unresolved issue is the settlement of a 2006 legal malpractice suit filed against Foglietta by Matthew Evanitsky.  Evanitsky was involved in an auto accident in 2002, when he was 18 years old, and suffered lasting damage to his hand because the hospital failed conduct an x-ray that would have detected he still had auto glass still lodged in his hand.  He hired Foglietta to sue the hospital, but the lawyer never did.

Eventually, he sued Foglietta for his negligence in handling his case.  Fogliette said it was the only such case filed against him in 32 years of practice -- and that it was settled before it reached court.

Evanitsky agrees -- up to a point.

He said Foglietta agreed to settle the suit in 2006 and pay him $10,000, but asked to pay over time -and then stopped making payments.  In 2008, after Evanitsky went to court and got a judgment against the lawyer, Foglietta made an additional payment, but then stopped again.  Evanitsky, now 26, said Foglietta still owes him $4,000 or $5,000.

"I could use the money because I am married now and have a kid," Evanitssky said, "If he had just given me the $10,000, it would have been over.  To see him running for judge, it makes it worse.  How do you run for judge? And how are you going to sit and rule on something knowing that you are breaking the law every day [by not living up to the agreement to pay]?"

Foglietta disputes that he owes Evanitsky $4,000 to $5,000. He said it was "closer to $2,000 and I am paying it off."

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