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Elementary Grade Changes

December 13, 212
Philadelphia School District
Elementary Schools Changing from 
K-6 to K-4.
Fifth and Sixth graders will be transferred to new schools
School Neighborhood Enrollment Destination School
Hackett Elementary Kensington 419 Penn Treaty Middle School
Wright Elementary North Phila 368 Rhodes Elementary
Cramp Elementary Fairhill 695 Stetson Middle School
Carnell Elementary Oxford Circle 1583 Harding Middle School
FS Edmunds Elementary Stenton 562 Leeds Middle School
Pennypacker Elementary West Oak Lane 484 Leeds Middle School
Emlen Elementary East Mt. Airy 617 Leeds Middle School
JB Kelly Elementary Germantown 778 Leeds & Pickett
Wister Elementary Germantown 454 Leeds & Pickett
Logan Elementary Logan 353 Wagner Middle School
Pennell Elementary Logan 393 Wagner Middle School
Cassidy Elementary West Phila 638 Beeber Elementary School
Lawton Elementary Tacony 823 Harding Middle School
The following will become K-8 schools
Stearne Elementary Frankford 453 Currently K-6
Comegys Elementary Kingsessing 443 Currently K-6
Harrington Elementary West Phila 490 Currently K-6
Mitchell Elementary Southwest Phila. 540 Currently K-5
Middle School Changes
Tilden Middle School Southwest Phila 375
Currently a 6-8 middle school.  Will change to a 5-8.
Leeds Middle School Stenton 275
Currently a 7-8 school; will change to 6-8
Source: SD of Phila.
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