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Unintended Consequences

There's an interesting back story to the visit of Gov. Corbett to Philadelphia last week to tout the state's expanded voucher program for non-public schools. Of course, they are not called vouchers, but scholarships, and the money does not come... (Comments)

A Day in the Life: The St. Francis Inn

The recession is over. At least that's what the media keeps saying. So why is it that on a rainy October morning, nearly two years after the Great Recession's end, there is a line of hungry people rounding the block at St. Francis Inn in Kensington waiting to be fed? The scene at St. Francis is a more accurate barometer of the state of the post-recession city, where the economic pain continues. As I make my way up to the century-old building that was once a corner bar, I am struck by the mélange of faces that have coalesced to embody the face of poverty in Philadelphia. (Comments)

A Day in the Life: Father Tom

Metropolis offers another story in our Day in the Life series, narrative about the daily life of special and ordinary people. In this installment, Mike Mallowe offers a portrait of the Rev. J. Thomas Heron, a Roman Catholic priest, who has served in the archdiocese for 34 years. It's a story that offers a a passionate defense of the work of priests and serves as an antidote to the lurid tales of sexual abuse and cover ups in the church. (Comments)

Don't Think

The Rev. Thomas Reese, the Jesuit priest who edited the Catholic weekly America, once quoted a Vatican consultant who gave this advice on how to survive in the world's oldest bureaucracy.  It went like this: Don't think. If you think,... (Comments)

A Catholic Conspiracy?

There's a theory circulating that the whole kerfuffle over the closing of Catholic schools in Philadelphia was orchestrated by the archdiocese as a way to shake the tree for more money. The theory goes that the Blue Ribbon Commission recommended... (Comments)

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