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Los Mexicanos de Filadelfia Part Two: Work, Family and Fear

For Philadelphia's growing Mexican community, life is defined by work, family and fear. The Mexicans are hard workers say those who know them and hire them. Young men will sometimes work two jobs, the better to save money for the oft-stated (but often unrealized) goal of returning home. One estimate is that 80 percent of the city's Mexicans work in the restaurant or food trade. (Comments)

Hollywood Takes Philadelphia

By Jonathan Stutzman» Multiple $15,000 lights shine down onto the pavement below, bathing countless PA's, grips, sound crew, and gaffers, in enough light to mimic daytime. Five miles of street are blocked off with squad cars, caution tape, cones, and cops. Portable heaters keep crew and million-dollar stars snug and toasty against the winter's midnight chill. Amidst all the Hollywood grandeur there's me, the director, controlling the film-- and by amidst, I meant about 20 blocks away. Unfortunately, the set I was "controlling" wasn't the set of the big-budget action/thriller Safe, starring Jason Stratham and Ben Foster, a big-budget film shot in Philly. They had the million dollar equipment, the Hollywood A-listers, and the Kraft services. They had the traffic control, the police presence, and the portable heaters (ahh, portable heaters). Hollywood had invaded the East Coast. (Comments)

Bicycle City: The Revolution Will Have Two Wheels

By Elise Vider» Philadelphia is already considered one of the best cities in America for bikers, but that's only for starters. Writer Elise Vider looks at the steps being taken to turn Philadelphia into a true bike city -- and the resistance bikers meet from people behind the wheels of the cars that share the streets. (Comments)

Bicycle City: The War Between Bikes and Cars

By Elise Vider» Tension and even aggression between motorists and bicyclists has been a dirty little secret in Philadelphia for years, but it took the confluence of two, highly-publicized fatalities and the opening of two, new crosstown bike lanes to bring the ugliness to the public. Two pedestrians - Tom Archie in South Philadelphia and Andre Steed in Center City -died in October 2009 within days after being struck by bicyclists. (Comments)

Bicycle City

In case you ever wondered exactly how many bicycles are out in downtown Philadelphia at rush hour, the Center City District has an answer.  The CCD sent out folks to count bike traffic on the northbound lanes as they crossed Spruce... (Comments)

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