Philadelphia Metropolis

bill collectors: Philadelphia Metropolis

The Secret Life of Clothing Bins

By Christopher Malo» How many people give a second thought after they drop off a bag of old clothes to those sturdy metal clothing bins that dot the American landscape today. What happens to that donated clothing? Where does it end up? Reporter Christopher Malo went looking for an answers to those y simple questions and returned with a surprising, even bizarre, story. He tells it in The Secret Life of Clothing Bins... (Comments)

Confessions of a Bill Collector

By Rosemary Reeves» Imagine spending eight hours a day on the phone being yelled at, called names, lied to and hung up on. Meanwhile, you are under constant pressure to go faster. You must make at least 140 calls a day and do paperwork as well. You are on a computerized system that dials phone numbers for you, one after the other, and you have no control over who it calls. Your job is to persuade people to give you money when most of them are unwilling or unable. You're the last person they want to hear from. Many feel it's their God-given right to swear at you, throwing curse words galore into the conversation, because after all, everyone hates you. This is the life of a bill collector. (Comments)

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