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Trawling for Cash

Myron Berman may be about to realize a decades-long dream of putting a giant wall wrap on the office building he owns on North 7th Street, just north of Callowhill Street. Council has passed a bill letting Berman erect a... (Comments)

Billboard City: Part One

Does Philadelphia has too many big billboards? The billboard industry doesn't think so -- and it is aggressive in getting bigger, brighter signs in new locations. Reporter Ryan Briggs examines the city's long history of accommodating the industry, even agreeing to look the other way with illegal signs. A story about how Philadelphia's public spaces are being compromised by commercial interests. (Comments)

Billboard City: Part Two

In a bid to reduce the clutter of outdoor advertising, the new zoning code includes proposals to get companies to take down more of their billboards. Or does it? In Part Two of our series on billboards, reporter Ryan Briggs learns that the proposed changes in the code may lead to bigger, brighter boards on the main highways of Philadelphia. (Comments)

A Bold, Brazen Item

To use a phrase favored by my nuns, Myron Berman is a bold, brazen item. In 1999, Berman, a New York real estate guy and principal owner of an office building at 7th and Spring Garden Streets, had crews erect... (Comments)

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