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Blaming The Man

It's hard to play the race card in Philadelphia these days. It's hard to blame The Man when you are the man. But it's also hard to break old habits.  Witness the news conference held this week by opponents of... (Comments)

Public Schools' Reality Check

Saying the Philadelphia School District was "out of time and out of options," Superintendent William Hite released his school close-and-merge list to howls of protest from parents and advocacy groups. The district plan, which still must be approved by the School Reform Commission, calls for the closing of 11 district high schools, 5 middle school and 23 elementary schools. In addition, another 13 elementary schools will be restructured, a move that will require the transfer of fifth and sixth graders. In most cases, the schools are going from K-6 to K-4. (Comments)

  By Elise Vider The winds of reform may be blowing, but it will take some mighty big gusts to budge the city's most intractable problems. Here is my report card for the big issues that still bedevil Philadelphia's ability... (Comments)

The New Urban Revival

With the recession receding, Philadelphia is poised for another era of growth. But, as Elise Vider reports, this time it will be different. In the last five years, the city has made great strides in the components that make for smart development. It offers hope that this time Philadelphia will get development done right. Read the details on the new urban revival... (Comments)

Urban Revival: Report Card

By Elise Vider» What are some of the obstacles to renewal in Philadelphia? In Part two of our series, reporter Elise Vider offers a report card on what is working and what is not when it comes to luring more real estate development. (Comments)

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