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Metropolis Is Closed

After three years on the web, Metropolis has ceased operations. The reason is simple: We ran out of money. This always was a shoestring operation and the string finally broke. We depended on support solely from local foundations and others interested in public affairs journalism. Our audience was small -- our latest count was 22,000 unique visitors a month -- but we attracted a solid corps of readers who cared about issues in Philadelphia and its neighborhoods. We tried our best to bring them our best analysis and in-depth journalism. With VoxPop, we also brought them a multitude of voices with personal essays about life, love and the human comedy. We thank all of our contributors and our loyal audience. The site will remain open for several months so people can have access to our archives. (Comments)

Make 'Em Laugh, Make 'Em Laugh

By Rachel Semigran» I am single. I spent five years in college with nothing more than a few awkward drinks and "hook-ups" that got me nowhere. I'm sure there are plenty of reasons (excuses) for my chronic single-ness. It could have been my lack of enthusiasm for the Drexel crowd. Light-wash denim shorts and tube socks combined with greasy pony tailed hair just didn't do it for me. Or it could be that God has spited me and placed a giant neon sign above my head that says "Run away! She'll chop your balls off!" only visible to those I find myself even mildly attracted to. There is, however, one answer that holds up. One of my best guy friends once told me at a party, "Guys don't date you because you're too funny." At the time it seemed ludicrous, but it buzzed around in my head, like a pesky fly caught between two windowpanes. The more I thought about it, the more I realized it was true. (Comments)

A Little Romantic Music

By Elizabeth McGinley» Married 23 years, my poor husband and I are terrible at capital-R Romance. The trouble started even before marriage, when having dated for 7 months, Rich and I talked about celebrating our first Valentine's Day together. "Let me make the plans," I suggested, "Where is written that the guy has to do all the planning?" I felt like a modern woman, enlightened--and totally in the dark about where to start. Even though I lived in the suburbs at the time, most of our dates were spent in Center City. But wouldn't most downtown restaurants be awfully crowded--and clich├ęd-- on Valentine's Day? Hearing of my dilemma, an older co-worker dropped a flyer on my desk--a local country club was opening its doors (Comments)

Philadelphians Are Nice. Really, I'm Not Kidding.

By Emily vanSonnenberg» Philadelphians perplex me. I have lived in seven zip codes. Boston (my birthplace); San Diego (raised, 17 years); Galveston, Texas; Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Salamanca, Spain. For the past year and a half, my zip has been a Philadelphia code. I left LA to attend graduate school in Philly to study the 'Science of Happiness.' Thus, the virtue of kindness intrigues me. As a Philly-"import", I have come to believe that Philadelphia is the apotheosis of genuinely kind and friendly people, anywhere, though I know this perspective is atypical. If you're a Philly native, you are now doubt aware of your reputation. Philadelphians are notorious for being rogue and brash. Philadelphia is (Comments)

The Mr. Potato Head Budget

By Tom Ferrick Jr.   Watching the Pennsylvania legislature trying to pass a state budget this year was like watching a drunk trying to assemble a Mr. Potato Head.The best thing to say about the process is that it is... (Comments)

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