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Council's Secret "WAM" Fund

By Ryan Briggs» Few taxpayers know about it, but each year their district Council members divvy up a $1.98 million slush fund buried deep within the Department of Parks and Recreation's $47.8 million budget. Referred to by one political aide as "Council's Walking Around Money," the Philadelphia Activities Fund, Inc. (or simply, "the Fund") is a grants program that essentially operates like a piggy bank for the city's political class, an easy pot of money for Council members to hand out cash to favored groups in their districts. Reporter Ryan Briggs reveals the details... (Comments)

The Frankford Story: In a Free Fall

By Mike Newall  Kevin the Postman was working the mail route along Frankford Avenue the other afternoon. It was a cold, gray day. Dirty scraps of paper blew down the dirty avenue. This particular mail route is not that challenging... (Comments)

The Frankford Story III: The New Flophouses

By Mike Newall   The pastor was calling state Rep. Tony Payton's office with big plans to convert a cavernous, shuttered nightclub at the corner of Orthodox and Margaret Streets, just one block from a Frankford El train station,... (Comments)

The Frankford Story IV: Hoping for Revival

By Mike Newall Frankford is hurting, but not hopeless. There is hope for development, but the question is when. Will it begin before Frankford hits bottom and it's time to roll in the bulldozers? The neighborhood cannot survive another... (Comments)

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