Philadelphia Metropolis

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Rank of Public High Schools in the State

Note:  There are 638 public high schools in Pennsylvania The score represents the percentage of students scoring Advanced or Proficient in the Math and reading portions of the PSSA. The two other classifications are Basic and Below basic. Source:... (Comments)

Republicans in Cars

I did a double take the other day when I read that Gov. Corbett's Transportation Advisory Committee was due to issue its report on August 1. I said to myself: I thought we already had a Transportation Advisory Committee and... (Comments)

Per Student Allocation, 2010-2011

Source: Phila. School District         School Budgets, 2010-2011                                             2010-11 2010-11      2010-2011  %%... (Comments)

Bicycle City: The Revolution Will Have Two Wheels

By Elise Vider» Philadelphia is already considered one of the best cities in America for bikers, but that's only for starters. Writer Elise Vider looks at the steps being taken to turn Philadelphia into a true bike city -- and the resistance bikers meet from people behind the wheels of the cars that share the streets. (Comments)

Greening Philadelphia: One Man's Tale

By Morgan Zalot Not even last week's 100-plus degree heat could deter Hasan Malik from filling a 100-gallon tank in the back of his pickup truck with water for the young trees in Frankford's Overington Park. "It's a good thing... (Comments)

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