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Fitting In

By Natasha Kingston» "Are you sure you want to look at houses in that area?" Mark asked, one eyebrow raised. "I'm not sure that you in there." James and I looked at one another uncertainly. I am sure Mark, our real estate agent, thought we were reconsidering the area, but the truth was that we were reconsidering hiring him. "We won't know until we see it," I said finally. "I don't want to rule anything out this soon; it's a five-hour drive from Connecticut, so we should see as many houses as possible while here in Philly." "Fair enough," Mark agreed reluctantly. He climbed into his car, and James and I got back into ours. We had no sooner shut the door when James blurted out, "What the hell was that? Was he saying what I thought he was saying?" "Yeah. I'm pretty sure he was," I replied heavily. "Whatever, we're here now; we just have to make the best of it." As we left Center City and started to head up to Germantown Avenue, James started to shift uneasily in (Comments)

My Philadelphia: Fishtown

Herb Shallcross is a fourth generation Fishtowner who has witnessed the changes that have taken place in this tightly-knit neighborhood over the last 20 years - from working class enclave to one of the hippest parts of town. He profiles Fishtown - old and new - in this installment of our My Philadelphia series. (Comments)

Ex-Cons: End of the Line

They did the crime, they have served their time, but what happens to the thousands of ex-cons who are released each year back into the streets of Philadelphia? It should come as no surprise they have a tough time, finding jobs and getting back on their feet. Reporter Frank Rubino went searching for ex-cons and offers this two-part Cover Story on life at the end of the line. (Comments)

Nighttime in Wissinoming

Is the Lower Northeast caught in a spiral of decline? Many residents think so. They believe neighborhoods such as Mayfair, Oxford Circle. Tacony and Wissinoming are on the endangered list. Reporting off of recent acts of vandalism in the area, Ryan Briggs examines the commonly held beliefs among Northeast residents and compares them to the facts. Read Part One of the two-part Cover Story on the future of the Northeast. (Comments)

Diary of a Teenage Eater

By Ada Kulesza» Everyone talks about what poor teenagers eat. At Metropolis, we decided to take it a step further: We asked them what they eat. For two weeks, two 18-year-olds texted details of their daily intake to reporter Ada Kulesza. The results are illuminating and surprising. So, sit down with a piece of chocolate cake, a Coke, a half-dozen cookies and a bag of Doritos and read: Diary of A Teenage Eater. (Comments)

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