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Why I Don't Drink

By Rich Rubin» I'm sitting with Christopher in our friendly local gayborhood bar. It's boring. He's had a kamikaze shot and moved on to a Bombay Sapphire and tonic, working on making that vanish while I nurse a diet Coke. He's starting to feel a little uncomfortable because he's spotted a certain ex-friend at the other end of the bar. I'm just praying the guy stays there. On top of that (or because of it), he's in the throes of a nicotine fit, so I sit with our drinks while he goes outside for a cigarette. As he walks out the front door, I see the identical emotions playing across the faces of every man sitting across the bar. It's like a movie scene. It's uniform, universal, and hilarious. (Comments)

One Night at Tria

By Dan Zubrzycki» My studio, lodged in one of the few crappy buildings in the Gayborhood, sits just across the street from one of my favorite bar: Tria. Cooped up in the cold months, hunched over my laptop, I spend most of my time writing and reading. For an easy escape I usually grab a friend and a drink over at Tria, right across the street. A beer snob, I get into brew. I ruminate on flavors, debate pairings, and chat with the bartenders about different styles and brewers. (Comments)

The Sleazy Side of the Gayborhood

By Luke Cavanaugh» By Luke Cavanaugh I live in the Gayborhood. I'm a married guy, mid-30s, and my wife and I live in the area of Philadelphia where the street signs are marked with rainbows, and giant a mural of an androgenous ballet... (Comments)

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