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Who Will Tie Their Shoes?

By Kat Richter » By the time I reach the coffee shop in Mt. Airy on Friday afternoon, I am exhausted. I've spent the past week administering band aids, untying shoelaces, retying shoelaces, chaperoning bathroom breaks and trying to convince one of my students--an unusually well-dressed five year old-- that dancing will help him feel better about the fact that his mother has left again. Technically, I'm a teaching artist at a preschool for low-income families in Germantown. But "creative movement" doesn't even begin to describe what goes on in my classroom. It's part Tchaikovsky indoctrination, part Michael Jackson impersonation, part therapy, part recess and part contact improv, the name I decided to give to my students' numerous collisions). (Comments)

Unintended Consequences

There's an interesting back story to the visit of Gov. Corbett to Philadelphia last week to tout the state's expanded voucher program for non-public schools. Of course, they are not called vouchers, but scholarships, and the money does not come... (Comments)

Elementary Grade Changes

December 13, 212 Philadelphia School District Elementary Schools Changing from  K-6 to K-4. Fifth and Sixth graders will be transferred to new schools School Neighborhood Enrollment Destination School Hackett Elementary Kensington 419 Penn Treaty Middle School Wright Elementary North... (Comments)

Germantown High School Staff 2012

Germantown High School Staff  2012  Title  Annual Salary  ASST PRINCIPAL, FULL-TIME              103,190 ASST PRINCIPAL, FULL-TIME              103,190 ASST PRINCIPAL, FULL-TIME              103,190 BUILDING ENGINEER-GROUP IV               59,439 BUS ATTENDANT               17,267 BUS ATTENDANT               17,267 BUS ATTENDANT              ... (Comments)

Germantown High School Staff 2012 version 1

Germantown High School  Staff as of August 2012 Title Hire Date  Annual Salary  ASST PRINCIPAL, FULL-TIME 07/01/2011  $                103,190 ASST PRINCIPAL, FULL-TIME 09/27/2004  $                103,190 ASST PRINCIPAL, FULL-TIME 09/25/2001  $                103,190 BUILDING ENGINEER-GROUP IV 04/08/1991  $                  59,439 BUS ATTENDANT... (Comments)

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