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My Declaration of Independence

Best of VoxPop» It is no coincidence that I now live only a few blocks from Independence Hall. When I was a toddler, I was determined to do everything by myself, so my grandfather dubbed me the Declaration of Independence. The name still suits me. To appreciate this, you need to know that I am legally blind. That means that I have minimal sight in one eye and none in the other, and no depth perception. While I can get around without the assistance of either a guide dog or a white cane, I can't read street signs or facial expressions, and I hold printed matter inches from my eyes to read it. You will be relieved to learn that the state of Pennsylvania, in its wisdom, will not grant me a driver's license. (Comments)

Answer to No. 7: City Government

The needle has barely moved on city government spending. The general fund, which pays for most government operations, was $3.452 billion 2008, the mayor's first year in office.  This year, it is $3.473 billion, an increase of less than one-half... (Comments)

The Philadelphian

By Dalyn Montgomery» I start each morning by arguing with a four year old about whether or not her dress makes her look like a tomato. The dress is blue. I don't understand the argument so I usually lose. Next we drop Tomato's older sister off at school. Doing this consists of first parking illegally by a fire hydrant, a risk made necessary because the school buses take up all the curb space. With the flashers on we abandon the car and join the screaming children and chatting parents in the school yard. It is one of those rubberized school yards that make you feel a little like Neil Armstrong as you bounce past the monkey bars and slides. I only partially pay attention as the loosely uniformed kids line up by class and grade, I'm looking for the parents I think of as friends. They are the ones I have three-minute conversations with at eight in the (Comments)

Nutter's Second Term: How to Succeed by Really Trying

What should Michael Nutter do in his second term? With the primary over, Nutter can begin to plan what he wants to do in his next four years as mayor. Metropolis polled smart politicians and public policy makers and asked them to offer a critique of Nutter's first term - and the prospects and challenges facing him in his second term. Read all about Nutter 2.0 (Comments)

One Night at Tria

By Dan Zubrzycki» My studio, lodged in one of the few crappy buildings in the Gayborhood, sits just across the street from one of my favorite bar: Tria. Cooped up in the cold months, hunched over my laptop, I spend most of my time writing and reading. For an easy escape I usually grab a friend and a drink over at Tria, right across the street. A beer snob, I get into brew. I ruminate on flavors, debate pairings, and chat with the bartenders about different styles and brewers. (Comments)

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