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City Council Rising

What happens when you have a strong-mayor form of government with a weak mayor? Now in his second term, Mayor Nutter is looking more and more like a lame duck and City Council has started to assert its power. Report Ryan Briggs offers this snapshot of who's who in Council in a story based on insider interviews with Council staff and others. (Comments)

Leaving on a Jet Plane?

Negotiation of long-delayed contracts with city workers.  Implementation of the controversial plan to reassess all real estate. Stemming the rise in violent crimes.  Balancing a city budget that threatens to wobble off the tracks. Those are just a few of... (Comments)

The Shift or the Shaft?

One interesting thing about Mayor Nutter is that he talks like Mayor Rendell and he acts like Mayor Goode. Like Ed Rendell, his public comments reflect an understanding that lower taxes means more jobs and economic development for the city. ... (Comments)

The Custodial Mayor

Michael Nutter will be sworn into a second term as mayor of Philadelphia this week. In this Cover Story, senior editor Tom Ferrick offers an appraisal of Nutter's first term and looks forward to the next four years. In Part Two, we examine the broad forces at work that will define Philadelphia during Nutter's second term. (Comments)

The Last Hurrah

Tuesday's election is probably the last time we will see Michael Nutter's name on a ballot for public office. The mayor will be 58 when his second term ends.  The City Charter limits him to two consecutive terms.  I don't... (Comments)

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