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Becoming the Bottom Rung

Germantown High School, circa 1915 There is a clear loser in this age of competition in education in Philadelphia.The city's 26 neighborhood high schools are becoming the last choice among parents -- the default they choose only if they... (Comments)

Election Special: No Contest

This year in Pennsylvania, all 203 state House seats are up for election as are 25 of the 50 state Senate seats. On paper, that is. In reality, 43 percent of all state House seats are uncontested -- the incumbents have neither primary nor general election opposition. For the Senate, the figure is 44 percent -- 11 of the 25 senators up for re-election have, in effect, already been re-elected because they have no contests.Metropolis looks at the trend of fewer competitive races, explains what is happening and asks: Is this the kind of democracy we want? Read our Election Special Report (Comments)

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