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First War, Then Peace

Gov. Corbett presented his budget for the next fiscal year to a joint session of the Pennsylvania General Assembly with great pomp and fanfare.  The budget, which totals $28.4 billion, is enumerated in excruciating detail in a budget book equal... (Comments)

Taming Pac-Man

You've heard of the carrot and the stick?  It appears Gov. Corbett will be trying a variation on that tactic when it comes to taming the cost of public pensions.  Call it the stick and the stick. Corbett made clear... (Comments)

A Day in the Life: The Teacher

With the fall semester underway, reporter Connie Langland visited two Philadelphia high schools to take a measure of how the schools and teachers were doing early in the semester. The two schools -- University City and Gratz -- have undergone major changes in recent years, each taking a different approach to the same end: improving student performance. The story opens with a day in the life of UC teacher A.J. Schiera. (Comments)

Making Public Schools Work

Can failing schools be saved? The can and there are ways to do it. Reporter Connie Langland, who has covered education for more than 20 years, outlines how. It's not a magic formula, Langland says. It takes hard work and a belief that all children can learn. But it can -- and is -- being done today. Our new Cover Story reveals some of the step that must be taken (Comments)

Takeover at Olney High

Olney High School was a troubled school: plagued with suspensions, fights, chronic absenteeism and dismal performance in math and reading. Then, the school district asked the Latino educational group Aspira to take over the school this year with a goal of turning a failure into a success story. Reporter Connie Langland has spent weeks at Olney and offers this special report from the front lines. (Comments)

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