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City of Faith: New Directions

Faith in Philadelphia steadily hums under the hustle of city life, 330 years after the city was founded. We tend to forget Philadelphia's religious origins, but William Penn did intend this place to be a "Holy Experiment," the locus of a new faith called Quakerism, founded on what were then -- in some places still are -- such alien ideas as tolerance and freedom of religion. Even in its earliest days, the city was a refuge for religious groups scorned or persecuted elsewhere in the New World; Jews and Catholics, to name two. Even in these secular, materialistic times, faith still infuses city life, and not just in the mainstream churches and congregations. I went looking off the main paths for examples and it didn't take long to find them. The four documented here serve as examples of the myriad variety of religion in the city. (Comments)

Murder, Inc.

Just when you think you have a problem under control, it slips from your grasp. Mayor Nutter is probably regretting his rhetoric over lowering the homicide rate, At least he is getting frustrated at the trend lines, using the word... (Comments)

A New Wave of Street Gangs

Though law enforcement officials don't like to talk about it, there is strong evidence of a new wave of street gangs in Philadelphia, "greedy, better armed and more prolific" than the famous street gangs who made headlines in 1960's and 70's. In this special report, reporter Frank Rubino reveals the extent and nature of these new-wave gangs, beginning with the Six-O Posse that operates in West Philadelphia. (Comments)

New-Wave Street Gangs: Armed and Violent

Longtime anti-crime activist Greg Bucceroni wears a three-inch-long scar on his forehead, a souvenir from the June 5, 2008 evening when more than a dozen members of the heroin-dealing "Bart Simpson" gang - named after the brand of dope they peddled - backed him against a concrete wall in West Kensington. Bucceroni wore a blue polo shirt inscribed with the words, Philadelphia Police Youth At-Risk Program that night as he walked toward the home of a troubled teenage boy he was mentoring. (Comments)

Black Exodus: Part Two

By Mike Mallowe» What makes African-Americans move to the suburbs? Reporter Mike Mallowe explores the whys and wherefores in interviews with two emigres from the city: one a black couple who moved to Havertown recently; the second a Baby Boomer whose parents were among the first blacks to move to Lansdowne. Our series Black Exodus continues... (Comments)

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