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His Guys, His Game

There are two possible explanations why nine judges on Philadelphia's Traffic Court allegedly engaged in widespread ticket fixing, outlined in great detail in indictments of handed down last week by a federal grand jury. One is that the judges, sitting... (Comments)

Day in the Life: The Funeral Director

By Ada Kulesza» The story of violence in the city can be told many ways. First, there are the numbers: 320 killed so far this year, many of them young, black men. In each case, someone must enter the scene to tend to the burial of the body, the grief of the family, the simple logistics of death. As part of our Day in the Life series, we visit one such person, Khaijah Alderman, a funeral director who works in North Philadelphia. (Comments)

We Are Shocked!

Like Casablanca's Capt. Renault, I am shocked, shocked to learn about reports of ticket-fixing at Traffic Court outlined in today's (Nov. 21) Inquirer. Reporter Craig McCoy got ahold of an investigation report ordered up by the state Supreme Court that... (Comments)

My Philadelphia: East Passyunk

Mid squat, in the basement bathroom at the Pub on East Passyunk, I overhear a statuesque hipster girl in a granny frock and oversized black rimmed glasses (that albeit aren't prescription) say, "I'm so glad we moved here, this nabe is like, so much more choice than Brooklyn ever was." I giggle and wipe as I look up at the homage to Patrick Swayze above the toilet that's been marred with drunken bathroom poetry and band stickers. Climbing the dungeon-esque steps back to my beer I think about my own migration from Brooklyn to Philly. Love and all of its possibilities were the only things capable of loosening the grip New York City had on my heart. (Comments)

Whose Willie Was It?

My favorite story of Christmas week was about the Philadelphia Traffic Court judge escorted off the premises because he allegedly showed photos of his genitals to a female court employee. The appropriately named Willie Singletary was relieved of his judicial... (Comments)

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