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The Secret Life of Clothing Bins

By Christopher Malo» How many people give a second thought after they drop off a bag of old clothes to those sturdy metal clothing bins that dot the American landscape today. What happens to that donated clothing? Where does it end up? Reporter Christopher Malo went looking for an answers to those y simple questions and returned with a surprising, even bizarre, story. He tells it in The Secret Life of Clothing Bins... (Comments)

Growing Old On My Terms

By Margaret Guthrie» One of the things that happens when you pass 75 -- and I am not talking about speed limits here -- is that you realize you could drop dead at any time. Dropping dead at any moment becomes much more real than it was at 30 or at 50 or even in your sixties and early 70s. As Dustin Hoffman once said, "The end is definitely in sight." As you pass through life, you might give occasional thought to your removal from the planet, to your participation in the recycling of all physical substance but it doesn't occupy the forefront of your thoughts. The trick, when you're officially "elderly," is to not let it occupy the forefront now. (Comments)

Goodbye, Mumia, Goodbye

The odds are that Mumia Abu-Jamal has made his last appearance on the front page and that it a good thing. The case of the man who shot and killed Philadelphia Police Officer Daniel Faulkner 30 years ago today (Dec.... (Comments)

TastyKakes and Tofu

Best of VoxPop» My foray into veganism started in September when I sat down to watch Oprah reruns and put off looking for a job. Alicia Silverstone was on promoting her new book about eating like a vegan called The Kind Diet, and I sat up and listened to what she had to say. After a summer of drinking, eating mostly slices of pepperoni pizza and cheesesteaks and bar hopping down the shore, any book with the word Diet in it made me pay attention because of the 10 pounds I had gainedaround the hip and ass region. When I thought "diet guru," the name Alicia Silverstone didn't exactly leap mind. I related her (Comments)

Creating the New City: Part Two

By Ada Kulesza» Our series on young Philadelphians continues with profiles of Zoe Selzer of the business incubator Green Village; the videographers and multi-media artists who comprise Media Giraffes and a Texas transplant named Lloyd Emelle, also known as 'The Computer Genius." (Comments)

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