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Unintended Consequences

There's an interesting back story to the visit of Gov. Corbett to Philadelphia last week to tout the state's expanded voucher program for non-public schools. Of course, they are not called vouchers, but scholarships, and the money does not come... (Comments)

My Mother-In-Law's God

By O.K. Pham» At a recent get together, my friend Kate related to me the details of her fractured relationship with her in-laws. The troubles have escalated over the years; most stemming from the mother-in-law casually sidestepping the boundaries Kate and her husband have set. The examples she cited revealed a woman desperate to assert some influence on her grown son's life and the upbringing of her grandchildren. I listened and sympathized, at times fully appreciating my friend's intense frustration. But the mother-in-law had been more meddlesome than malicious, and Kate's grievances in some instances were admittedly trivial. With three young kids, Kate and her husband occasionally rely on babysitting help from myself and both of their families. But ever since the last altercation-- the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back-- Kate and her husband had cut all communication with his parents. Their youngest son will soon have his first birthday party, (Comments)

Don't Change a Thing!

It's hard to defend the status quo when the status quo sucks. In a nutshell, that is the problem facing PCAPS, the new group set up to oppose plans to reform the Philadelphia school district. PCAPS, formally known as the... (Comments)

No More Zombies

There is a too-muchness about the Philadelphia School District, with its 249 schools, 207,000 students, 20,000 employees and its $2.5 billion annual budget. Unlike the old days, when they kept data under lock and key, information about district operations and... (Comments)

Life in the Rearview Mirror

By Margaret E. Guthrie» There are some pretty wonderful things about reaching old age that are little discussed; the disadvantages are far too well advertised to warrant further attention. I am officially old, I will be 75 in August of this year and learned recently that the "elderly" designation attaches when you reach age 72. So I think I have reached an age to be a reasonably good judge of the advantages of being old. One of the advantages I like best is the ditching or overboard tossing. By that I mean certain things in your life that once seemed mighty important and now are not. Raising your children is one of these. By now, your children are middle-aged, have married or partnered well or not, are established in their career or profession or not, and there is absolutely nothing you can do about any of it. You have survived their adolescent (Comments)

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