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The Program

By Christopher Malo» Most poor, inner city kids are doomed when it comes to getting a good education. The numbers tell the story: half drop out of high school. Of those who do graduate, only a handful go on to college. We decided to track the fate of one sub-group of kids: the members of the 2006 Gratz High School basketball team. They won the city championship, but were they ready for the real life challenges to come? Reporter Chris Malo went looking for the teammates and came away with a remarkable story - one that defies stereotypes. (Comments)

A Road Less Traveled

By Rachel Levy Lesser» I once heard that parents are only as happy as their least happy child. I imagine this was true for my own parents. I recall my mother once telling me that eighth grade had been her toughest year. It was for me too, and when I noted the coincidence she explained that it was my eighth-grade year she found to be so hard. She felt my pain as she watched me struggle to find my place at a new school. My parents sent me to this school because my brother went there, and so had my father. There really wasn't a choice. Despite my social despair at the new school, I found academic success, and this continued on into college, graduate school and my adult life. I followed a path that was very clearly laid out for me. There was no road that diverged in a wood, and if there were, I certainly would not be the one to take the one less traveled. (Comments)

Los Mexicanos de Filadelfia Part Two: Work, Family and Fear

For Philadelphia's growing Mexican community, life is defined by work, family and fear. The Mexicans are hard workers say those who know them and hire them. Young men will sometimes work two jobs, the better to save money for the oft-stated (but often unrealized) goal of returning home. One estimate is that 80 percent of the city's Mexicans work in the restaurant or food trade. (Comments)

Welcome to Philadelphia, Emma

By Emma Futhey» Four weeks into my time here, I've discovered that Philadelphia is not for the faint of heart. I come from State College, the home of Penn State University. I thought that living my whole life up-to-now at the largest... (Comments)

Santorum's Houston Speech

Full text of an speech given by the former Senator of Pennsylvania, the Honorable Rick Santorum on Thursday, September 9, 2010, at the University of St. Thomas in Houston, Texas.   Revive the Role of Faith in the Public Square  ... (Comments)

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