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role of luck in life: Philadelphia Metropolis

The Great Aunt's Club

By Susan Toland» On Saturday, March 3, 2012, at 10:03 a.m., Grace Marianne Lauber came into the world, unwittingly making me a great-aunt for the eighth time. Several days later, we were properly introduced through the marvel of SKYPE. I was curious to meet her. Since we were not privy to her sex before she was borr, we referred to her as Baby Lauber. Now, there she was, on the screen; a new little person, complete with a gender and a name. Her parents and grandparents clustered around Gracie like planets orbiting the sun. Seeing them together, I felt the same mixture of relief, joy, curiosity, optimism and love I've experienced with every baby that has come into the family. (Comments)

Run Lisa Run

By Lisa Z. Meritz» "On a scale of 1 to 10, how much does luck play a part in your life?" the CEO asked my 21-year-old daughter Rebecca. This was the only question asked in the final Skype interview for a job that Rebecca desperately wanted in Stockholm, Sweden. Without missing a beat, she answered, "Zero." "Bold, but different than what I would say," I thought. In essence, my view: Effort is critical, but luck can't be discounted. (Comments)

The Urban Forager

David Siller is secretive about his work. Territorial, even, with just a touch of paranoia. So he insists on ground rules if I am to accompany him on his rounds. "I don't even want you to say if the places are rural or urban," he insists. "Don't even describe them." Agreed. But, how close can I get in saying where he carries out his work? "You can say it's the Philly area," he says. "That's it." With that, we settle into his Mazda pickup, to begin the hunt in his secret green places. (Comments)

Tales of the Freegan Dumpster Divers

Why pay for food when so much of it is free -- if you are willing to go diving for it. Meet John and Samantha, the Philadelphia couple who get most of their food from the dumpsters of area markets It's not easy. And it can be slimy. The couple say they are doing it for a higher cause. Reporter Ada Kulesza reports on a night in the life of dumpster divers. (Comments)

Being an Adult

By Jody Bowden» Being an adult with a capital "A" is hard. But, I had settled into that role, albeit begrudgingly, over the past 10 years or so. Along with my husband, we budgeted, found stable decent-paying jobs, paid off student loans, paid taxes, and acted like grown-ups most of the time. Buying a house, getting married, first baby, second baby, third baby, selling our first house and buying our second (bigger) house, getting a dog... Yes, we were adults. Life had a predictable pace; never a dull moment with three kids in the house, but things were good. Still, nothing in my adulthood could have prepared me for hearing the words "you have cancer" when I was just 35 years old. It was one of those moments that become frozen in time, (Comments)

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