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Make 'Em Laugh, Make 'Em Laugh

By Rachel Semigran» I am single. I spent five years in college with nothing more than a few awkward drinks and "hook-ups" that got me nowhere. I'm sure there are plenty of reasons (excuses) for my chronic single-ness. It could have been my lack of enthusiasm for the Drexel crowd. Light-wash denim shorts and tube socks combined with greasy pony tailed hair just didn't do it for me. Or it could be that God has spited me and placed a giant neon sign above my head that says "Run away! She'll chop your balls off!" only visible to those I find myself even mildly attracted to. There is, however, one answer that holds up. One of my best guy friends once told me at a party, "Guys don't date you because you're too funny." At the time it seemed ludicrous, but it buzzed around in my head, like a pesky fly caught between two windowpanes. The more I thought about it, the more I realized it was true. (Comments)

Run Lisa Run

By Lisa Z. Meritz» "On a scale of 1 to 10, how much does luck play a part in your life?" the CEO asked my 21-year-old daughter Rebecca. This was the only question asked in the final Skype interview for a job that Rebecca desperately wanted in Stockholm, Sweden. Without missing a beat, she answered, "Zero." "Bold, but different than what I would say," I thought. In essence, my view: Effort is critical, but luck can't be discounted. (Comments)

Rank of Public High Schools in the State

Note:  There are 638 public high schools in Pennsylvania The score represents the percentage of students scoring Advanced or Proficient in the Math and reading portions of the PSSA. The two other classifications are Basic and Below basic. Source:... (Comments)

Making Public Schools Work

Can failing schools be saved? The can and there are ways to do it. Reporter Connie Langland, who has covered education for more than 20 years, outlines how. It's not a magic formula, Langland says. It takes hard work and a belief that all children can learn. But it can -- and is -- being done today. Our new Cover Story reveals some of the step that must be taken (Comments)

Zen Master of Peacock Watching

By Lisa Z. Meritz» I got the call at night. My 86-year-old father Morry, a man so full of energy and life that he worked full-time until he was 76 years old, had overdosed on pain medicine. They pumped his stomach, but they couldn't tell yet whether he would live. My heart sank. How could I have missed seeing just how desperate he had become? For months, my sister and I took turns taking him from doctor to doctor for his intractable pain. He was ornery, not at all himself, but we never realized just how bad things were. Was he trying to kill himself? Quiet the unbearable pain? I think it was a call for help, but I will never be sure. (Comments)

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