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Learning to Compete

When I was a kid and complained about what was served for dinner, my father would always say: "It you don't like it, you can always go down the street." That always shut me up. This was in the 1950's... (Comments)

Public Schools' Reality Check

Saying the Philadelphia School District was "out of time and out of options," Superintendent William Hite released his school close-and-merge list to howls of protest from parents and advocacy groups. The district plan, which still must be approved by the School Reform Commission, calls for the closing of 11 district high schools, 5 middle school and 23 elementary schools. In addition, another 13 elementary schools will be restructured, a move that will require the transfer of fifth and sixth graders. In most cases, the schools are going from K-6 to K-4. (Comments)

Mr. Nice Guy

Normal 0 0 1 1121 5158 90 28 7849 11.1539 0 0 0 In baseball, it is axiomatic that a tough-guy manager will be followed by a nice-guy manager and vice versus. For proof, just look at the last... (Comments)

Young, Black and in Danger

YOUNG, BLACK AND IN DANGER  MEN IN PRISON, ON DRUGS, IN THE STREETS AND  IN THE MORGUE: THE NUMBERS ARE ALARMING. Jul 15, 1990 By Thomas Ferrick Jr. and Jerry W. Byrd , Inquirer Staff Writers  In relentlessly increasing... (Comments)

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