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Public Schools' Reality Check

Saying the Philadelphia School District was "out of time and out of options," Superintendent William Hite released his school close-and-merge list to howls of protest from parents and advocacy groups. The district plan, which still must be approved by the School Reform Commission, calls for the closing of 11 district high schools, 5 middle school and 23 elementary schools. In addition, another 13 elementary schools will be restructured, a move that will require the transfer of fifth and sixth graders. In most cases, the schools are going from K-6 to K-4. (Comments)

Kids in Cuffs

Pity the child who ended up before Judge Mark Ciavarella Jr., head of juvenile court in Wilkes-Barre. Ciavarella, elected to the Luzerne County bench as a "tough love" advocate, was notorious for giving out long sentences for minor offenses. There... (Comments)

Toxic Tom

The various polls disagree over the spread on the Obama-Romney race in Pennsylvania, but they sync perfectly in another area: They all show Gov. Tom Corbett's popularity in the tank. Corbett got only a 30 percent approval rating in the... (Comments)

Backgrounder: Can Obama Win Pennsylvania on November 6th?

With the election just days away, the polls are showing a tightening of the race between President Obama and Mitt Romney in Pennsylvania. Can Obama hold onto the lead he has enjoyed through the summer and early fall or will he lose this important state to his Republican rival? We analyze the broad voter trends that may decide the race on Nov. 6. (Comments)

Backgrounder: All About AVI

City government is nearly finished the task of reassessing all of the 500,000-plus residential properties in Philadelphia. The new numbers are due to be mailed out in February. The project is called the Actual Valuation Initiative. What is AVI? Why is it needed? And how is the project being done? We provide answers with a Backgrounder on AVI that is just a click away. (Comments)

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