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Backgrounder: Can Obama Win Pennsylvania on November 6th?

With the election just days away, the polls are showing a tightening of the race between President Obama and Mitt Romney in Pennsylvania. Can Obama hold onto the lead he has enjoyed through the summer and early fall or will he lose this important state to his Republican rival? We analyze the broad voter trends that may decide the race on Nov. 6. (Comments)

The Misery Index

There is no other way to put it: Philadelphia got a kick in the head during the Great Recession.  The "Misery Index" increased on a number of fronts: the poverty rate, individual wealth, unemployment...the list could go on. There was and... (Comments)

One Foot Out the Door

When you boil it down, there are two kinds of jobs for Philadelphians. The first is the kind where you can walk, bike, take a bus or drive to a destination in town.  The second is where you have to... (Comments)

Backgrounder: Setting the Value

How is the city going about reassessing properties in Philadelphia? Reporter Jared Brey reveals the steps the Office of Property Assessment is taking -- and the complicated formulas it uses -- to determine the "actual value" of your house in Part Two of our Backgrounder on the Actual Valuation Initiative. Click to read more... (Comments)

The New Philadelphia

The face of the New Philadelphia is brown with dark, almond-shaped eyes. It is the Mexicans who have settled in South Philadelphia; the Dominicans who are moving into the Lower Northeast; the Chinese who are settling all over the city.... (Comments)

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