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Billboard City: Part One

Does Philadelphia has too many big billboards? The billboard industry doesn't think so -- and it is aggressive in getting bigger, brighter signs in new locations. Reporter Ryan Briggs examines the city's long history of accommodating the industry, even agreeing to look the other way with illegal signs. A story about how Philadelphia's public spaces are being compromised by commercial interests. (Comments)

Candidates April 24, 2012 Pennsylvania Primary Election

  Source: Department of State, Elections Bureau                       Incumbents in Bold Face                       Bureau of Commissions, Elections & Legislation... (Comments)

Inquirer & Daily News Journalists Speak Out

       As Philadelphia Media Network goes up for sale, hundreds of journalists at The Philadelphia Inquirer, Daily News and have signed a public statement insisting that the integrity of news reporting at the papers and web site must be... (Comments)

The Other Shoe Drops

The other shoe dropped at Philadelphia School District headquarters this week. With Arlene Ackerman gone, the folks responsible for hiring her fired themselves. Robert L. Archie Jr., chair of the School Reform Commission, announced he was stepping down.  His departure... (Comments)

Nutter's Second Term: How to Succeed by Really Trying

What should Michael Nutter do in his second term? With the primary over, Nutter can begin to plan what he wants to do in his next four years as mayor. Metropolis polled smart politicians and public policy makers and asked them to offer a critique of Nutter's first term - and the prospects and challenges facing him in his second term. Read all about Nutter 2.0 (Comments)

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