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The Customer is Aways a Pain

By Alaina Mabaso» As Easter approached and visions of bringing the perfect split pea soup to dinner danced in my head, I went to a small meat market in the Philly suburbs for a ham shank. The cashier there was accompanied by a trainee. If you're going to start working at a meat market, I'm sure you're in at the deep end in the week before Easter. "Thank you, ladies, I'll see you again," said the elderly gentleman in front of me in line at the register. "Yeah, I'm sure you will," the cashier muttered, rolling her eyes at her companion before the man was even past the counter. "You'll find that some customers, you love," the cashier announced to the new girl as soon as I had paid for the shank and wished them a happy weekend. "And some, you just can't stand." I was unseasonably irked. (Comments)

Creating the New City: Part Two

By Ada Kulesza» Our series on young Philadelphians continues with profiles of Zoe Selzer of the business incubator Green Village; the videographers and multi-media artists who comprise Media Giraffes and a Texas transplant named Lloyd Emelle, also known as 'The Computer Genius." (Comments)

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